A fascinating and a very realistic book that goes deep into the topic of becoming a genuine Master is “Mastery” by Robert Greene.

Around the globe, people are facing the same problem – that we are born as individuals but are forced to conform to the rules of society if we want to succeed. To see our uniqueness expressed in our achievements, we must first learn the rules – and then how to change them completely.Leonardo da Vinci started as an illegitimate outcast.

The secret of their eventual greatness lies in a ‘rigorous apprenticeship’: by paying close and careful attention, they learnt to master the ‘hidden codes’ which determine ultimate success or failure. Then, they rewrote the rules as a reflection of their own individuality, blasting previous patterns of achievement open from within.Told through Robert Greene’s signature blend of historical anecdote and psychological insight and drawing on interviews with world leaders, Mastery.

Why some people and creatures are more suited and adept in coping with their environment ? Why some are more skillful than others ? Why some have the ability to predict events better than the others? With this book, Robert Greene has tried to answer that and other related issues. For years, psychologist have been trying to explore key ingredients underlying human being ability for self improvements. The author here emphasizes on developing intellects by going through various stages of mastery.


Mr. Greene has carefully picked stories to convey his points. These stories will definitely capture the reader’s attention. The author has picked historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci as well as contemporary ones like Temple Grandin, Paul Graham etc. Each story presents a unique perspective. There are great lessons and examples given in this book. Taking Action is as important as reading the book. I can’t wait to try out the concepts in this book in real world.

Robert goes deep into how we have an intense desire to learn everything that comes new and in the process they never go deep into a particular thing to become a Master .

Let’s touch upon few points that author has driven to explain.
a)You have passion for something but it remains buried within inside. This can be again stimulated at any stage of life and in the process bringing primitive attraction to life.
b)Refrain from making grand plans but instead focus on small and immediate skill, so that it become a base from which you can expand.
c)During apprenticeship stage(initial learning stage) , refrain from seeking attention or impressing people.
d)Practice steadily, diligently and with perseverance, so that skill is hardwired and internalized.
e)Try to work with deadlines, either real or manufactured so that mind rises to that level
f)Drop pre-concieved notion about the world and utilize your power of imagination
g)Learn for your sake and gather wide range of ideas by reading on different fields
h)Open and receptive to new ideas that challenges conventionality.

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